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12-02-2012, 09:01 AM
I got a free 350th that needs built. Got a rough estimate of $1200-1600 from a local guy. Friend and myself have both been into transmissions before so I'm thinking DIY. From what I'm seeing, $500 in parts should build a pretty decent trans.

I've been doing some reading. So far it looks like the good red clutches, steels, Kevlar band and a TCI manual valve body. I have also been told the intermediate sprag is a weak link. At what point is this an issue. I'll be running a relatively tame 406...hoping for mid to low 11s. No trans brake, no juice with a 9" converter. If I do need to change the sprag, what's the most cost effective for this power level?

Any tips or mods I should do? Anyone know of a good link for DIY builds?
Thanks Jim

12-02-2012, 10:17 AM
have you checked the price for parts thur coan yet my motor is about 500hp and i have one of thier trans kits in mine and have a Fairbanks stage 3 valve body kit i put in my self and a 8 inch tci class 13 converter and it hasnt broke yet, this is the part number of the coan kit i have COA-3210STP-31006,valve body kit i have and used in a friends car who it maken over 600hp thur the rear wheels, 350 (69-79) TransAction Kit (Fairbanks 31006 )
High Performance
Offers 4 levels of Performance: 1. Heavy Duty 2. Street & Strip 3. Full Competition 4. Manual Control At Any RPM Transforms your automatic into a true performance transmission! * Offers super positive shifts * Retains passing gear * Separator plates included * Adjustable shift points 1. This TransAction kit includes the oil transfer plate to give the best 3rd gear available without having to remove the transmission. 2. Stage 4 delivers full manual control or manual low at any speed which increases the overall performance level

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12-02-2012, 02:37 PM
1500 IMO isn't bad. Depending on what they are doing. ATI did mine last time and cost 1400 that was with installing SFI bell-housing and modding convertor for it. Installing all new clutch setups eliminating the band since I have a 0 band apply reverse valve body from ATI. And then dyno tuning and modding the trans pressures from that. They modded and raised 3rd gear pressure to match first and second gear to get rid of the clutch scuff that was found on third. I had all upgraded drum shell and sprags from the door so they check to make sure they were healthy Along with there twist snout shaft.

12-09-2012, 09:00 AM
Going to give it a shot. Found a brand new, still in the package, manual, reverse TCI valve body on Craigs for $125 Also scored another trans for $75. Found the best deal on parts at TransmissionpartsUSA. Kit with Red Eagle clutchs, bushing kit, thrust kit, both sprags, hardened outer int sprag race, extra sun bushings all for $239 & shipped free.

Pulled the first trans apart yesterday. Looks really good. Not sure why they pulled it. Only things I found were the tip of the input where it goes in the output shaft bushing is chewed up and some rust in the front pump. It was laying outside. Hoping to get those two pieces out of the other trans. If not they aren't that expensive. I think I'll have a pretty good race trans for under 500 bucks plus the fun of doing it myself.